The Tinashe Experience by Dennis and Debbie Simpson

The Tinashe Experience

A testimonial by Dennis and Debbie Simpson (Hunters)

Let’s talk hunting shall we? My wife and I have hunted together for 18 years. We have travelled a lot and are passionate about our hunting. Our original style of hunting was for me to hunt and Debbie to video or take pictures. There are many wonderful photo albums and way too many mounts to prove it. About ten years ago while at the SCI convention in Reno I met a man ( younger at that time ) who flat out impressed me with his tenacious desire to please his clients. We were actually at the convention to book a bear hunt on Kodiak. At dinner that night I could not stop thinking about how much I wanted to hunt with this guy who had in depth knowledge of every species I could think of to discuss with him and the personality that just flat out made you want to spend time with him.

We were not finished with dinner before the hunt plans had changed and we were getting up early to be the first at his booth. Our hunt was booked and we were taking along my fairly young 70 year old parents as they fell in love with the idea on the first conversation about it. The hunt came quickly and we really had never been to Africa or hunted with this type of outfitter so we really did not know what to expect. The trip was fantastic. The whole experience was positive and all of us were soon best of friends with the hunter’s hunter Clayton Fletcher.

You have to understand that this man grew up on a South African hunting ranch. His father was a pioneer in the industry and his love of the sport was all Clayton ever knew. He rolls out of bed every morning thinking about the hunt and finally goes to sleep knowing the experience was all the client could dream of.

The impressive part of the hunt is the versatility that Clayton has to match the hunt to the ability of the client.

My father took several fine animals and Clayton worked hard to match every situation with the abilities (or lack there of) of my father. Both my father and mother had the time of their lives. My style is much different than my fathers and I need the challenge of dangerous game hunting. Clayton was pretty thorough in his investigation of my style and knew exactly what we were looking for. We had some very exciting moments in the ten days we hunted together. The wonderful thing that happened in that ten days of spending time with him is my wife found the hunter inside her and started taking her interest in the sport to a new level. She started with stalking plains game and worked her way to a very nice female lion by the end of the hunt. Good trip and never to be forgotten. Our lives were crazy busy with the business we owned and it was a few years before we were able to take time to go on a few hunts. Finally we got back to hunting and started traveling again. Not ones to go back to the same place twice, we never really considered going back to see our friend Clayton. However it was always our first stop at the convention to see him.

2014 convention we were again going specifically to book Kodiak bear hunting. The first morning was filled with one bear outfitter after another. By 11:00 am we were hungry and sat down to eat at a table where there was strangely enough a Tinashe brochure. We both went into memory overload and decided we must get to see Clayton immediately. Next stop Tinashe. Clayton was the icon of hospitality he always is and we changed plans and booked to hunt lions six or eight weeks later within the hour. It had been 6-8 years since we hunted Africa the first time and my have things changed. The whole process of booking, arriving, getting gun permits, and moving to the ranch is now a streamlined painless experience.

We were seated in the back of the plane and near the last ones off. I was expecting hours in customs. Instead we were met by a lovely woman who escorted us directly through some kind of dignitary process at customs and we were standing at the gun inspection in just minutes. We quickly went through that process and were sitting in a small restaurant waiting for our car. Within a couple of hours we were transported to a wonderful hotel at a small airport in Pretoria. The restaurant was fantastic Italian food and we were treated like royalty.

Next morning our pilots met us at breakfast and we were on our flight to the ranch in a few minutes. When the plane landed we were met by an enthusiastic crew and the host of our adventure Clayton Fletcher.

We had added an additional guest to our trip about three weeks before leaving and that went extremely well. The unloading and getting to our suites was wonderful and we were soon having some cold refreshments and talking hunting. A quick stop to shoot our rifles and we were off to the hunt. Clayton quickly caught up with Debbie and I and then began to do his thing on our guest. The hunting areas are very diverse and opportunities to accommodate different tastes are many. Once Clayton has the opportunity to understand his client, everything is geared to match your style. He is the guru of lions and you will find the hunt he matches up to your taste to be everything you have dreamed of. My wife and I are adventure seekers and our hunt consisted of hunting 2 white lions on foot that were at the same time hunting us.

The experienced trackers and the guru of lions make this possible with some amazing moments. We took a huge male at about 22 yards and a very nice female at about 40. You know how sometimes life just seems to be just a bit mundane? We call going to see our friend Clayton an 'African intervention'. You will not find a guy any better at making hunting dreams reality than Clayton. He tailors everything about the trip to fit your expectations. From elegant air conditioned suites, to culinary delights cooked by a chef, every possible thing you could ask for to drink in a cool box, and fabulous companionship, you get it all.

The hunting is whatever you want it to be. I have enough trips under this old belt to know when things are perfect. We came home from this one with just one word. ( Wow ). They are still probably the premier lion destination in South Africa and have added dignitary treatment beginning to end. You will always talk to people that have negative thoughts on hunting in South Africa by either talking to someone with poor experience or booking themselves with some lesser outfitter. The Tinashe experience is one for those who just want to start off with the best. I know we made the right choice every time I talk to someone else that has anything bad to say about hunting the game ranches of South Africa. Do like we have. Book with Tinashe and believe. Your dream hunt is there and you can be confident of that. Just be prepared to meet a new friend for life.

Dennis Simpson