Hunting Packages by Tinashe Outfitters

Hunting Packages by Tinashe Outfitters

Our reputation for providing the ultimate lion, plains game and dangerous game hunting packages in South Africa is integral to the success of Tinashe. For your convenience, each hunting package includes luxury accommodation in our safari lodge, along with transportation across the land in a luxury SUV. Our attentive staff will see to your comfort every step of the way, whether you're relaxing at the lodge, or out in the bush with our professional hunting team.

Luxury Accommodation & Unsurpassed Hospitality

Tinashe employs a formidable team of experts who specialize in their area of service, from front office to household and catering staff, to trackers, professional hunters, and  skinners out in the field. We believe in making the ranch a good place to work, because when our staff feel appreciated, they are prepared to go the extra mile for our clients. Our ultimate goal is to make your African safari a trip worth remembering for many years to come.

Clean, Safe & Nutritious Food

It's not only our game that is well-fed;  we make sure that our guests are equally nourished. In addition to balanced, delicious meals provided on a full board basis at the lodge, our catering team will pack a cooler full of scrumptious snacks and beverages to take along in the hunting vehicles on your hunts. Food quality and safety in South Africa meets some of the highest international standards and at Tinashe, we take extra care to meet your dietary requirements.

An Unforgettable,  Professional Hunting Safari

Clients from across the globe rely on Tinashe's expertise to provide the most unforgettable African safaris, the highest quality trophies and unsurpassed service in the industry.
Below are some of our packages for lion hunting, plains game hunting and dangerous game hunting. We're happy to create a custom package, based on your preferences. Please do remember that not all the species are found in the same area, so your preferences may dictate a longer duration of stay at our welcoming lodge.
All hunting packages may be customized.  Any changes made will be according to prices on the brochure.  For custom-made packages to suit your needs, please contact our office.


Our Available Hunting Packages


Tinahse Hunting Package

$11 500

Tinahse Hunting Package

$34 000

Tinahse Hunting Package

$22 000

Tinahse Hunting Package

$22 000



Tops /Cites/ Rifle Permit fees

Lion - $ 150.00
Elephant - $ 200.00
Rhino - $ 200.00
Black Wildebeest - $ 150.00
Letchwe - $ 50.00

Temporary Import and Export rifle permit - $ 150.00

* All packages are subject to change according to personal preference. Any changes made will be charged according to the prices on the brochure.