Taxidermy Information

Taxidermy Information

Tinashe will see to it that your trophies are skinned and prepared according to the correct methods for successful taxidermy. We will also obtain the necessary permits to convey the exporting of your trophies and see to it that the trophies are delivered in the best condition. Trophies can be forwarded to a taxidermist in South Africa for full taxidermy work, or exported in a “raw prepared” state to your preferred taxidermist in your home country.

We work closely with export taxidermy for the mounting of trophies in South Africa and abroad.

Important Information Concerning Taxidermy Work:

  • Packaging is limited to only one client per crate. This is a new regulation required by the USA
  • Trophies must remain in South Africa for a minimum of 90 days before shipping
  • Warthogs can cause a delay in shipping if the state Veterinarian of the area is not available to issue transport permits
  • Please note that these taxidermy rates are quoted in US dollars
  • Shipping costs can only be finalized by the time trophies are dropped off
  • Payment of a deposit to the taxidermist will ensure that your work goes on the production line
  • No raw rodents may be exported
  • Warthogs must be packed in a separate crate
  • Raw and processed products cannot be shipped together

It is important to choose a taxidermist who will create a realistic trophy so that your experience can last for years and you can proudly display your mounts looking as realistic as they were in the wild.