General Travel Information - Travelling to South Africa

General Travel Information

Your flight will arrive at Johannesburg International Airport  (O.R. Tambo), where a  Tinashe representative will meet you and drive you to the hunting concession. Tinashe has a luxury SUV which can accommodate five people for the 5 ½ hrs trip.  Should you prefer flying, we will assist you with the arrangements. We have our own landing strip near the lodge for your convenience.

Documentation Needed:


A valid passport is needed. South Africa requires no visa. (Only where applicable)

2.Rifle Documentation

Hunters bringing firearms into South Africa for hunting purposes will be issued an import permit on arrival at Johannesburg airport. All hunters must be in possession of the necessary documentation.

2.1 Export Rifles Form

An notarised copy of proof of ownership of the firearms, from an official government institution from the country of origin, written in English. This can be in the form of:

  • For US citizens only, US Customs form 4457 is ESSENTIAL (one copy is sufficient)
  • For GERMAN citizens only, an original notarised copy of the documentary proof of export of the firearms in the form of INF3 customs certificate. To obtain this certificate please go to your nearest Customs office (Zoll Amt) with your firearms and any other documentation the customs house might request. A firearms pass (Waffenbesitzkarte) or European Firearms Pass (Eoropaeischer Feuerwaffenpass)
  • For UK citizens only, an original notarised copy of the Proof of Ownership and passport must be signed and stamped as true copies of the original document by a Public Notary. Copy of your firearm license or certificate
  • Other – A letter from your local sheriff in the form of an avidavit confirming ownership or Invoice from gun shop where you purchased the firearm(s).

DOWLOAD US customs form 4457( US citizens only)

2.2 Import Rifles Form  

SAPS  520 Gun Import / Export Permit Application Form

We suggest filling in the import form SAP520 before hand to save you time

DOWNLOAD SAPS 520 Gun Import / Export Permit Application Form

Instructions for filling in SAPS 520 ( Black ink only)

Complete page 2 – E 2.1 to E 25.4 – Natural person’s details

Complete page 4 – G 1 to G 5 & G 8 to G 9.2 – Import/Export details

Complete page 5 – I 1.1 to I 5 – Details of firearms & ammo

Complete page 6 – J – Signature of applicant


Please note: The date format is: year/month/day

Page 6: Date – when signing the form. Place - where signing

3. Notarised  copy of passport

An original notarised copy of your passport, which must have a minimum of four months validity after the termination of the hunt as well as a minimum of two free pages.

4.  Copy of itinerary of airline ticket

5.  Letter of invitation from Tinashe Outfitters

      A letter of invitation from your hunting outfitter on their official    letterhead. It must include:

  • The Professional Hunter and Outfitters full names
  • License numbers
  • Province they are registered in
  • The type of hunt
  • The dates of your safari
  • Where you are hunting
  • What species you are hunting
  • What firearms are you bring that is applicable to your hunt
  • This letter must be signed and dated.

Arriving at OR Tambo (Johannesburg) Airport:

  • Go through passport control
  • Go to the Import/Export Office. Next to it is an area marked: "Firearms and Security Items"
  • Go there to identify your rifle case and sign for it, if required
  • Collect your normal luggage at the appropriate conveyer belt
  • Proceed on the GREEN line through customs
  • For passengers arriving in Terminal a1 or A2, please exit the arrivals hall and turn right. Look out for the SAP office. You will be met inside this office
  • Your firearm(s) and ammo will be checked against your pre-issued temporary import permit after which you will be free to leave
  • Please note that the procedure regarding your firearm at customs depends on the airline used. The speed in which your permit will be handled, depends upon the speed in which the rifle case is handled before arriving at the SA Police Office. Please be patient when waiting for your rifle case
  • We recommend that there is at least 3 hours between landing and your connecting flight.

Important Points to Remember:

  • Ensure that your firearms arrive on the same flight as you do. This must be done with the airline company on departure
  • Contact your airline company for their regulations on the number of firearms allowed and packing of ammunition. Certain airlines require the ammo to be packed in a separate locked container
  • Your firearm/s may only be signed for by you and will not be released to your outfitter or professional hunter should it arrive on a separate flight. In this case, the firearm/s will be held by the SAPS until such time as you claim ownership in person
  • The temporary import permit serves as your firearm license in South Africa and enables you to buy ammunition in South Africa for the calibres noted on the permit
  • At all times while you are in possession of your firearms, you must have the temporary import permit on your person
  • When you are not using your firearm, it must be locked in a safe
  • In-Transit Permits are required for any person spending the night in South Africa while in-transit to a third country. The same pre-requisites apply as to obtain the normal Temporary Import permit
  • Check with your airline company on departure that your luggage and firearm(s) will be checked through to your final destination, when you are connecting to a third country on the same day
  • Should a firearm not be declared on arrival and a temporary import permit not issued, you will face severe penalties and possible arrest if detected.


# Name Description
1. SAPS 520 Form Download the SAPS 520 Form
2. US Customs form 4457 Download the US Customs form 4457
  Left click the document name to view the document or Right click the document name and Select Save Target as... to download the document to your computer.